The Blue Beer Company has been founded by Dutchman Roger Jansen in mid-2013. Until December 2012 he lived just a stone’s throw away from Gulpener Bierbrouwerij, a small family brewery in the south of the Netherlands.


On moving to England and as a fan of Château Neubourg, the brewery’s superior tasting pilsner in the stunning blue bottle, Roger decided that it should also come with him. He has made it his mission to deliver this truly unique beer to the English market.


Contrary to most other pilsners, Château Neubourg is not for sale in supermarkets; it is only available at upmarket venues, which makes Château Neubourg a truly exclusive pilsner.


The abundance of fresh flavours enjoyed in Château Neubourg, from the fresh blossoms, the aromatic malts with hints of fruits to the complex herbal structure are all products of care and natural sustainable resources.


The Blue Beer Company are now proud to be working closely together with Gulpener Bierbrouwerij and to have the exclusive rights for England to bring you Château Neubourg.