As a family brewery, Gulpener can ensure the quality of their ingredients by working closely with our local farmers and by local we mean next door.


Gulpener grows and harvests their own hops and barley near Ch√Ęteau Neubourg, in the southern Netherlands and brews using the water from their 500 year old subterranean well.


Gulpener brew Chateau Neubourg to 5.5% and during this process, unlike most brewers the beer isn't pasteurised. Simply because Gulpener believe that natural is best and taste is paramount.


The abundance of fresh flavours enjoyed in Chateau Neubourg, from the fresh blossom, the aromatic malts with hints of fruits to the complex herbal structure are all a product of care and natural sustainable resources.


Chateau Neubourg beer has integrity, because Gulpener has integrity.